Q: What are the $99 Air Duct Cleaning Vancouver Wa specials?

A: A: The $99 duct cleaning specials are a scam some less reputable companies use to get their foot in the door! If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

Q: How do you perform Air Duct Cleaning?

A: We use top tier modern portable machines. They have powerful duel vacuum motors attached to an industrial strength vacuum hose with a braided steel cable routed inside. The brush’s can be quickly exchanged to ensure the proper size is being used on air ducts. The brushes knock debris loose as the powerful vacuum sucks it up directly behind the brush. Dryer Vent Cleaning is done with a plastic coated steel whip attached to a drill, with a stiff bristled brush on the the end to pull the lint out of the ducting

Q: How much does Air Duct Cleaning cost?

A: The costs are based on the number of heating supply ducts and cold air returns in your home. Very simple to understand per vent pricing with zero hidden fees. Count the vents in your home and give us a call for a free quote!

Q: Will the duct cleaners leave a mess in my home?

A: We try to leave every home cleaner than upon our arrival. We carry drop cloths to be used as needed, and of course remove our shoes in your home. The HEPA filters on our portable machines do a great job of keeping the dust contained.

Q: How often should I have air duct cleaning done in my home?

A: We recommend annually, but if you have allergies, pets or other conditions you may consider having it done twice a year. In very low traffic homes, we’ve seen people go two years between services and be fine in between

Q: How long does air cleaning take?

A: It depends on how many air ducts you have in your home, but on average 2-4 hours for a 3,000 sq ft 2 story home. Some of the larger homes with multiple heating systems can take 6-8 hours.

Q: Are dryer fires from buildup a real threat?

A: Yes! Dryer fires are actually the number one cause of home fires in America. Dryer vent cleaning is very affordable, especially if combined with whole house air duct cleaning.

Q: Are hardwood floors a problem when doing air duct cleaning?

A: Our custom portable machines have soft rubber wheels made to be safe on any surface. We have had a problem a few times removing built in floor registers on hardwood floors, so just to be safe please attempt to remove all of your floor vents before calling to schedule services.