Air Duct Cleaning Vancouver Wa in new construction applications

Vancouver Wa Air Duct Cleaning in new construction is a trend that builder’s have really started picking up on in the past few years. During the new construction process, the vents are uncovered during framing, sawing, sheet rock, painting and all other trades. Most reputable builders will at least take the time to shopvac the vents out, but many of our local SW Wa builders have recognized the need for professional air duct cleaning.

At J&M Air Duct Cleaning Services, we provide the builder with a certificate to enclose in their final sales packet so the new home buyer can be confident they are breathing clean air and their brand new heating system is not being damaged by construction debris.

The home builder market is still very tough, but we’re proud to say that most of our builders have taken the costs of duct cleaning directly from their profits after realizing the benefits and the need. Sheet rock dust in particular is harmful to the heating system components, and once a layer of sheet rock dust is imbedded in the duct work, it accelarates the process of additional debris buildup.

In our opinion, vent cleaning really should be mandatory on all new construction. Please be sure to inquire with your prospective builders to see if the vent cleaners are part of their service to you!

Please contact us with any questions, and if you would like us to speak with your builder regarding vent cleaning we would be happy to!

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