Can’t I do the Air Duct Cleaning by myself with a Shopvac??

We’ve been asked: Can’t I save a few bucks and do the Air Duct Cleaning on my Vancouver Wa home by myself with a Shopvac? We always stay 100% honest at J&M, so the answer is Yes & No. A Shopvac is a great tool to clean air ducts right near the grills and keep up on maintainance. Shopvacing should be done if debris or garbage falls into your air ducts. Much better to suck out any garbage before it has a chance to circulate thru the entire heating system! If you called us for cleaning services several months before it was due because a child put a cup of dirt down a duct, we would attempt to convince you to shop vac the dirt out and save your money until the rest of the system is due for cleaning.

Can you actually clean air ducts with a Shopvac? No. Here’s a few reasons:

-The air duct cleaning vacuums we use have 2 powerful motors in them, each of the motors more powerful then the single motor on a top of the line Shopvac

-The air duct cleaning motors are protected by dual HEPA filters. Deep inside your ducts, bacteria will grow on the accumalated dust & debris. Using a regualr Shop vac to clean air ducts with out the proper filtration will release these bacteria’s into the air your family breathes

-Flexible air ducting has a spiral core to improve air flow. This spiral core can also trap dirt. With out the brush bristles knocking debris loose during air duct cleaning, the vacuum alone is ineffective

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