Dust Mites used as “scare tactics” in air duct cleaning. Is the threat real??

How many times have you seen scary pictures of nasty looking dust mites in Air Duct Cleaning ads? Probably 100’s of times if you’re a regular internet user. So is the threat real? Are dust mites inside of air ducts dangerous to your family??

Dust mites are real. In fact, they exist everywhere Humans do, eating our shed skin. Dust mites are one of natures many tiny garbage disposals. Dustmites are permanent house guests, and because they are nearly impossible to see, they are also nearly impossible to get rid of. Mites measure approx 1/80th of an inch and are only visible under a microscope lens. They have 8 tiny legs and a body armor, giving them a very prehistoric look. Fossil evidence suggests that mites have been sharing the Earth for over 400 million years. Since that time, our homes have become their favorite habitats. They prefer cool dark locations that also contain food sources (our skin flakes).

But are they harmful? Does Air Duct Cleaning rid my home of a dangerous threat? Honestly, dust mites are symbiotic with humans. They have a purpose on Earth, which is to eat & dispose of our biological skin waste. So in short, the answer is NO, mites are not a dramatic threat. So with that, YES, many air duct cleaning companies are once again “scamming” the public with scary pictures of mites and threats of disease. No Air duct cleaning service is ever going to completely eliminate dust mites in your home.

So is their any real benefit for air duct cleaning in regards to dust mites? Yes, just not the scare tactics that you see everywhere. Dust mite droppings have been shown to cause allergies in a very high percentage of the population. If the mites are living in your heating ducts, then your family is breathing their droppings. As gross as it sounds, if no one has allergies to the droppings, there does not seem to be any real threat. If anyone in your home is suffering from indoor allergies, air duct cleaning is a great way to clean up the air inside of your home!

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