Having your Air Ducts Cleaned will save you time cleaning for guests!

For Christmas this year, I surprised my Wife of 14 years by purchasing a plane ticket for her Sister to come visit us from Florida. She hadn’t seen her Sister in almost 3 years, so I may have cinched the “Husband of the Year” award. Both my Wife & I work long hours, and a few day’s before her Sister’s arrival, my Wife was starting to worry about having enough time for a deep clean of our home.
We had shot a video for Air Duct Cleaning in our personal home several months ago, and while the equipment was out, we had our air ducts cleaned in our home again, even though it had been less than a year since we last did them. In preparation for our company, we did the standard rushed cleaning the night before her arrival. I can’t believe the difference having our Air Ducts Cleaned regularly has made! There just isn’t excessive dust on top of cabinets, or on the walls around the vents. When I was a kid, I helped my Mother clean and “Dusting” was over an hour of our weekly cleaning.

Before we started getting our Air Ducts Cleaned in our current home, there was always a little dust around the corners of all the heating vents, a layer of dust on all furniture in between cleanings. Keep in mind, we live in a rural area, with a dusty gravel driveway, and have a 14 year old & a 4 year old.

That’s the reason we added Air Ducts Cleaned to our repertoire at J&M Services. We had our Air Ducts Cleaned by a local company at our home several years ago. The company honestly didn’t do that great of a job. Even so, we were still impressed with the results. Our company has long specialized in Gas Piping & Ventilation. We deal in ductwork every day, so Air Duct Cleaning was a natural fit for our company. I personally feel we have a real edge in knowledge over other companies that have no prior background in ducting or ventilation work.

Jeremiah & Michelle Doty, owners

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