How Much Air Duct Cleaning Costs, It’s Our Most Commonly Asked Question

People want to know how much air duct cleaning costs. It’s natural to wonder, but the price varies. Air duct cleaning prices in Vancouver and Clark County are most often determined by how many vents are in the home or by the square footage of your property.

At Air Duct Cleaning Vancouver by J&M Services, we go with what we feel is the most transparent pricing system. We keep our prices firm, there will never be any confusion, you will simply count up the total vents in your home and the total number of larger air returns. Once we have that number we can give you an exact quote for your home, not some general quote for homes about the size of yours, but it might change.  No we will give you an exact price for your service and it won’t change one penny when we show up to do the work.  You will have the exact air duct cleaning costs and when we leave the house, there is nothing that can be done to get the system any cleaner. We clean everything that is in the air flow of the system. This includes but not limited to the HVAC unit, the blower, the duct work supply or supplies and returns, plus all registers and vents.

Don’t Be Fooled By To Good To Be True Air Duct Cleaning Costs

Air Duct Cleaning Costs

Some companies will use gimmicks to get their foot in the door and then raise their prices. This type of marketing is usually associated with Groupon deals or other similar sites.  We’ve all seen the $49 or $99 whole house air duct cleaning special, there is nothing special about it, it’s a scam plain and simple.  Our company frowns upon this type of behavior. We follow a strict code of ethics.  Air duct cleaning is a great service but like any other trade you want to hire a professional and reputable company. Air Duct Cleaning Vancouver by J&M Services has been servicing Vancouver and Clark County for over 10 years. Our staff has been properly trained and has been with our company since the beginning. Their trained eyes are able to identify, clean, and prevent mold and other contaminants that are found in HVAC systems.

Transparent Air Duct Cleaning Costs And The Best Equipment

Our customers include residential and commercial clients ranging from a typical house to a major industrial complex. We use the best equipment, combined with the best trained crews to ensure that our clients get the best possible results from our service.  While it’s impossible to give a single number in an article like this to answer the question “how much air duct cleaning costs” we’d be happy to give you an exact answer for your space.  Call today 360-263-5600 or email us at