Properly Training Air Duct Cleaning Technicians

How do you properly train air duct cleaning technicians?

Unfortunately, many companies view air duct cleaning as a great way to make a quick buck. “It’s just a glorified vacuum” is a common thought with many business owners. Personally, we think the worst of these are the carpet cleaning companies who decide to add duct cleaning services to their service list.

A properly trained technician will not only be trained & certified in how to use the cleaning equipment, but will also be trained in ducting & ventilation installation and repair.

Our company offers duct work repair and installation, and before a technician is ever sent out to do a job, they must first be fully certified for duct work. It’s important that the technician knows not only how the equipment functions, but also how the ducting should be properly installed. Our technicians can troubleshoot any duct problems they encounter and make repairs when needed.

Air duct cleaning is a lot more involved than running a vacuum!

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Jeremiah Doty


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