Vent Cleaning Vancouver Wa

Vent Cleaning Vancouver Wa has become surprisingly affordable, mostly due to very efficient portable machines that greatly speed up the process while doing an extremely thorough job.

These portable vent cleaning machines have dual powerful vacuum motors, the exact same motors in the powerful coin op car wash vacuums. Each vacuum motor is protected by a HEPA filter, keeping the contaminents out of your home.

A steel braided drive cable is routed thru an oversized vacuum hose, with a quick connect attachement on the end. The drive cable connects to a seperate drive motor inside of the portable machine, and spins a brush on the end of the hose. The quick connect feature allows the technician to quickly change brush sizes for different sizes of ducting. These are the first truly portable machines. They have been in use for several years now, and are widely considered the premier choice for companies providing vent cleaning.

These newer portable machines are much more efficient than the older “Bag Trucks”, and much less intrusive as there is no need for suction holes to be cut into ducting. Any piece of equipment will require repairs & maintainence. Our portable machines are lightweight, making it simple for us to drop off for service and/or repairs when needed. We have several backup machines so we never cause job delays due to equipment failure. In fact, on large commercial jobs we can utilize two machines at the same time. When utilizing the truck mounted systems, the entire vehicle must be dropped off for all service & repairs, and if anything is wrong with the equipment or the truck itself it will cause a job delay, frustrating customers, temporarily laying off workers and putting the entire reputation of the company in the hands of the repair shop. Not only do we have extra machines fully functional and ready for work, we have one spare van that we do regular service on just to make sure we NEVER cause a frustrating delay for our customers!

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